The Lead Audio Designer Speaks

7th April 2017

MotoGP™17 guarantees a huge sound improvement, let’s hear the words of our Lead Audio Designer!

“To develop the sound effects for MotoGP™17, we aimed at a sharp qualitative improvement. We focused our attention on implementing a strong and instantly perceivable change.
Firstly, we concentrated on the audio recording, which was carried out in 100% natural bike sound conditions – we were seeking all those “dirty” noises and vibrations that are perceived at different engine speeds and that distinguish a motorbike from another, like a fingerprint. In particular, MotoGP™ bikes are full of a variety of subtle sound nuances that are specific to each manufacturer. This is precisely the distinctive element that makes a bike instantly recognizable even with your eyes shut!
With the introduction of REV, a granular synthesis system capable of breaking down and analyzing the sound of different engine speeds, we are able to offer an even more faithful reproduction of engine sound in the game. So far, every note sounds more realistic, without losses and artificial reverbs; even sound dynamics and control response are quicker and smoother.
Compared to the previous instalment, we achieved a huge leap forward in terms of realism, thanks to the attention to details and the dedication of our team in ensuring maximum closeness to reality“ states Paolo Ogliari, Milestone Lead Audio Designer.

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