The Lead Programmer Speaks

10th March 2017

MotoGP™17 will reach 60 FPS for the first time, guaranteeing unprecedented performance and extreme enjoyability for you! Let’s hear the opinion of our Lead Programmer!

“The big challenge was to get the 60fps goal without visual quality compromises. We optimized several areas of the game, from the engine, maximizing parallel computing, and using to the limit all the available CPU cores.
We have also optimized the 3D assets, the shaders, being able to keep the quality up, while making them significantly lighter.
To be true, many of the things are now also nicer, because having the chance to rethink stuff, means that you can use your experience from previous titles and do an overall better job. The result is a game that looks very, very different, and at the same time plays much better: 60fps have a significant impact on handling, physics, and reactions.
Being the last title we’re developing on our in-house engine, the team has an extra motivation, we’re all determined to close an era with a high note, and a game you’ll remember!”states Michele Caletti, Milestone Lead Programmer.

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